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Happy Father’s Day!

Since today is Father’s Day, I thought I’d do a special entry just for the men:-) So, today I want to talk about bulking up. So many men want to gain muscle weight, but they are unsure of how to do it. Well here are some tips for increasing your muscle size in a healthy way!

Just as when trying to lose weight, you have to be conscious of what you are eating. Because your goal is to gain muscle weight, you’ll need to increase the amount of protein and healthy fats in your diet, and lower the amount of carbohydrates you are eating. Muscles are made of protein and therefore increasing the amount of protein you are consuming is  important for speedy muscle repair after a tough workout.

Here are examples of proteins you should be eating:

-Whey protein powder

-Egg whites



-Peanut butter

-Fish (salmon, trout, tuna (not tuna salad, unless made with fat free mayo), tilapia, sardines, etc.)

-Lean red meats (You can have steak, beef, etc, but limit your intake. The majority of your protein should be chicken, turkey, and fish.)

The purpose of lowering your carbohydrate intake is because excess carbohydrates are stored as fat in your body. (More information about good vs. bad carbs coming in the next entry!)

Here are some good carbs for you to snack on:

-raw oats                                             -greens                                                -papaya                                -tomato juice

-apples                                                 -cabbage                                             -peaches                             -watermelon

-apricots                                              -spinach                                               -pears                                 -brown rice

-banana                                               -romaine lettuce/mixed greens -peas                                   -whole wheat

-carrots                                                -kidney beans                                   -pineapple                          bread

-cherries                                              -kiwi                                                      -plums                                 -sweet potato

-corn or whole wheat tortillas    -lentils                                                  -pumpkin                           -yogurt

-grapes                                                 -skim milk                                            -soybeans

-grapefruit/ grapefruit juice        -oranges                                              -strawberries

Healthy Fats:

-Almonds (also very high in protein)     -Sunflower seeds

-Walnuts                                                              -Flaxseed

-Hazelnuts                                                          -Olive oil

-Pecans                                                                -Canola Oil



As for your workout plan, you should make sure that you include cardio in your training regimen. Cardio alongside weight training will help lower your body fat percentage. And, make sure you allow each muscle group you work adequate amount of rest in between workouts. Here’s an example of a strength training program that may work for you.

Monday: Lats, Biceps, Quadriceps, & Upper Abs

Tuesday: Chest, Triceps, Hamstrings, &  Obliques

Wednesday: Lower Back, Shoulders, Gluteus Maximus, Lower Abs

Thursday: Lats, Biceps, Quadriceps, & Upper Abs

Friday: Chest, Triceps, Hamstrings, &  Obliques

Saturday: Lower Back, Shoulders, Gluteus Maximus, Lower Abs

Sunday: Rest

Cardio can either be done in the morning, and strength training done at night, or you can do both in one session. However, if you do them in one session, do the strength training first, since muscle gain in your focus. That way, you won’t fatigue out halfway through your workout.

Happy weight gain! And feel free to email me with any questions:-)



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