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Five MUST-HAVES Before Competing in a Bikini Competition

Thinking about competing in a bikini or figure competition? Before you start creating your meal and workout plans, make sure you have thess 5 things:

1. Measuring spoons/cups 


It is ESSENTIAL that you know how much you are eating when preparing for a bikini or figure competition. I like measuring my food so that I know exactly how much I am eating, but for those who do not (which is probably the majority, haha), just measure for 2-3 weeks. After that time, you should be able to eyeball how much a 1/2 c, 1 tbsp, etc is. You can also download this handy dandy guide to your computer to reference:

2. Food/workout log


In addition to having measuring cups on hand (and possibly a food scale), you will need to log your workouts and food. This is very important, because you will want to know what your ratio of macronutrients is every day (i.e., how much protein you are eating in relation to carbs and healthy fats). I like to use LoseIt, which has an app for my phone that allows me to scan barcodes of foods and input recipes. My favorite part about it is that I receive badges for logging and working out consistently (among other things). Other food/workout logs that work well are Sparkpeople  and My Fitness Pal. Find the one that works best for you and keep track of what and how much you are eating, as well as what you are doing for your workouts: how much weight you are lifting, how many reps/sets, how much cardio and what that cardio is, etc.

3. Gym membership or home gym


Eating right is more than 80% of the battle, but you will also need to workout in order to gain muscle and lose fat. And by workout, I don’t just mean doing hours of cardio and weight training with 3-5lb dumbbells for 20-50 reps-__- That’s not how you win a bikini/figure competition, or lose fat effectively for that matter. The common misconception among women is that lifting heavy weights will cause them to “bulk up.” That is a myth! Unless you are drinking testosterone for breakfast, you won’t naturally produce enough on your own to put on size like men do. Weights actually have the opposite effect on women. It is what causes us to lean out, sculpt out bodies, burn more calories at rest, and a whole slew of other things! But anyways, the point is that you need access to heavy weights whether it is from your home or at a local gym in order to train effectively.

4. Epsom salt


This is one of my staples. I take an Epsom salt bath every week to ease sore muscles. Just add 1-2 cups of Epsom salt to a warm bath and let the relaxation begin–your muscles will thank you:-)





5. Varying sources of motivation


Training for a competition is no easy task, and there are going to be days that you don’t want to wake up at 6:00am to do cardio or go lift weights after work. That is where extra motivation comes to the rescue. Here are just a few things that motivate me:

-I reward myself at the end of each week with something small that will keep me working towards my goal. Sometimes it is workout equipment, clothes, or dvds, other times it’s lingerie, a book (about health & fitness), or workout shoes. Something that you want and will look forward to getting, and will work towards for 7 days.

-Watching Youtube videos and reading articles about competing

-Attending a local competition

-Posting pictures on my wall and on my tablet (as the desktop/lockscreen background)

-Reminding myself of how good I will feel after my workout has ended


Remember that you should enjoy the process. Enjoy your workouts and healthy eating–make it fun! Before choosing to compete, really evaluate why you are doing this–you should be doing it for YOU. It shouldn’t be a chore to prepare for a competition, it should be challenging yet fun!


Until next time,

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